A love dream conspired upon a full moon's night…a dream of bringing our gifts, intentions, and ethics to conscious business.  Thus spoke a whisper of wonder, with a hint of belief, as we culminated our magic into “House of Citrine”.

Our journey of creation was a maze where each twist and turn unveiled cosmic synchronicities.  Over incredible food, many giggles, and days of gratitude, we began to live our mission.  Our store, launching in late summer, is a celebration of curated goods.  Every item available in our store is something that we personally use and love - and we only use the best of the best.  Our intent is to support your health and happiness with the alchemy of nature.

In addition to our store, we personally create weekly articles to inspire and share our insights with our audience.  We go on adventures, we find new artisans and creators, and we take you along for the ride — always making sure to stop and smell the roses.

“House of Citrine” follows a full-circle business model.  This means that every transaction must support: the consumer, the employees, the Earth, and in turn the business.  We do not subscribe to the idea that someone has to be cheated in order to be profitable.  We believe that we can bring mindfulness to business to create a sustainable, impactful, and healthful attribution to society.