A love dream conspired upon a full moon's night…a dream of bringing our gifts, intentions, and ethics to conscious business.  Thus spoke a whisper of wonder, with a hint of belief, as we culminated our magic into “House of Citrine”.

Our journey of creation was a maze where each twist and turn unveiled cosmic synchronicities.  Over incredible food, many giggles, and days of gratitude, we began to live our mission.  Our store, launching in late summer, is a celebration of curated goods.  Every item available in our store is something that we personally use and love - and we only use the best of the best.  Our intent is to support your health and happiness with the alchemy of nature.

In addition to our store, we personally create weekly articles to inspire and share our insights with our audience.  We go on adventures, we find new artisans and creators, and we take you along for the ride — always making sure to stop and smell the roses.

“House of Citrine” follows a full-circle business model.  This means that every transaction must support: the consumer, the employees, the Earth, and in turn the business.  We do not subscribe to the idea that someone has to be cheated in order to be profitable.  We believe that we can bring mindfulness to business to create a sustainable, impactful, and healthful attribution to society.



Sima Morrison, founder of House of Citrine, is a vibrant soul with a potent zest for life and the beauty in its simple pleasures. As a holistic nutritionist, Sima has made it her life's journey to experience, to empower, and to explore the synergy between the mind and the body, embracing the liberty and power of mindful living. She manifests her vision through her online journal, cultivating conversation in the sharing of health, wellness, and inspiration. 

The conscious community will recognize Sima as a figure of energy and a face of intuition, ardent in deriving focus from her passions and distinguishing personal creed in a perspective pure and close to nature. Simple food, clean products, and family time are what ground her, yet she finds her best version of connectivity traveling and getting in touch with local artisans, giving and taking with inspirational individuals.

In addition, Sima finds herself drawn to the bolstering of the feminine essence in the "Celestial Circle," where she gathers the abundant spirit of sisterhood in a community of healing and liveliness. With houseofcitrine.com Sima is at home in her discipline; she creates and celebrates, providing cardinal influence in a world of existence for prosperous welfare.

Sima lives in sunny Venice, California with her husband and two stepchildren.

She earned her Bachelors Degree in Science in Public Health Education from California State University Northridge and studied Holistic Nutrition at The Natural Healing Institute.




Karli Quinn joins our HOC team. Motivated to connect with the increasingly prevalent health community that exists, she hopes to educate others through her own perspective on conscious consumerism and normalize the conversation about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Karli earned her bachelors degree from the University of Southern California and is currently studying to be a Holistic Nutritionist. After returning to California from a two-year stint working in Madrid, she drove communications and cultivated business development opportunities for an organization affiliated with Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Health continued to transcend to other areas of her life as she spent time in New York, gaining her RYT certification through YogaWorks. 

Karli’s perspective is a reflection of people, places, and cultures that have influenced her. She believes that if one devotes energy to doing what they love— without the sole purpose being a grand result for grand result sake, but rather the joy gained through pursuing it— success will inevitably ensue. This same sensibility permeates through her approach to health. Rather than lauding generalized extremes, she thinks success is possible when an individual consistently makes positive choices that are optimal to their personal well-being.


Molly Helfend

Molly Helfend, born and raised in Monte Nido, California, graduated from University of Vermont in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and a concentration in Holistic Health. She will be attending University of Kent in Canterbury, England to receive her Masters Degree in Ethnobotany in 2017. She discovered an affinity for herbalism and ecopsychology after taking various college courses and soon after, accepted an internship with Urban Moonshine and an apprenticeship with Spoonful Herbals. She has also interned with Greenpeace, working to stop arctic drilling and the Keystone XL Pipeline. She has extensive experience traveling, farming and working to promote environmental justice. 

With an aura of creativity, Molly wishes to promote the importance of living together as one symbiotic organism, while channeling a passion for healing Mother Earth through both art and environmental consciousness. She feels most alive in nature and believes that plants are wordless creatures that are truly nature’s alchemists. Molly is inspired by forest bathing, frolicking through fields, foraging for wild plants, floating down rivers and companies that promote sustainable business ethics of total transparency with their consumers. She hopes to receive her PHD and become a professor at UC Santa Cruz, while continuing to educate about the transformational energy of plants.




By far the most important people to House of Citrine are the incredible creators and alchemists whose products we carry. 

These makers are cutting-edge visionaries who have managed to actualize their dreams.  Each and every product that is curated on our shop has had a beautiful journey to fruition.  We feel so thankful to be have an outlet to support wellness artisans and provide visibility under our unique spotlight. 

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