Who is Cailin V?

I am a milliner and designer by trade. My roots are planted deep in the heart of Northern California, which has truly nurtured my adoration and respect for this earth. As a creator, it is not only my mission, but my responsibility to craft a product with integrity and intention in honor of upholding the health of Mother Nature. It is through this work I hope I may share the urgency that we as consumers face in purchasing consciously.

How did you manifest your dream of starting Cailin V?

I have always known from a young age I would go into business for myself. However, my true calling would not become clear until my first semester of college. It was then, while studying at the Fashion Institute, I realized society's toxic relationship with the realm of fast fashion. That is also when I became acquainted with millinery. I saw an opportunity to bring my clients on a creative journey - one where they could learn to respect the process, craftsmanship, and quality of a product. It has been my hope to teach others this message by allowing them to design a piece that speaks to their individuality.

What does a hat express to the world?

A hat is a statement. It is a conversation. An act of outward confidence. An ode to personality and style.


We are huge fans of your custom hats. What intention do you set before designing a hat?

I truly like to imagine where my hats will accompany my clients and hope my piece is something they will be proud to wear. It is always my intention to enter my workspace with a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to create.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I pull my inspiration from my understanding of the divine feminine. I find beauty and power in being a woman and wish to evoke those principles through my designs.

Do you have any advice for anyone trying to start their own small business? 

Knowing why you started is half the battle.

Is there a particular theme that revolves around your collections?

Yes, each piece incorporates an element of nature, be it a flower or a feather.

What does your morning routine look like?

My mornings always start with a mug of something warm. Either a coffee with coconut milk or a matcha latte to wake me up. I then sit down at my table and do a 20-minute Spanish lesson. I want to be fluent by the end of the year. After, I sketch one design in my sketch pad. The rest of the day is complete spontaneity.

What are your favorite supplements that you can’t live without?

The Goodbelly probiotics brand is my holy grail. I take B12 because I don't eat animal products and also, vitamin C because my momma always said so.

Can anyone purchase your beautiful hats?

Absolutely. Each hat is custom so there are no boundaries in terms of sizing, style, or gender.

How does your line contribute to body positivity for women?

Well, I hope above all else when a woman wears my hat she feels confident to walk into a room with her shoulders back and head high. When we show up for the day adorned in pieces that make us proud of who we are, we learn that it's okay to love ourselves, our bodies, and every inch of our being for exactly what they are - stretch marks, curves and all. That is what I've always admired most about older women. Their nature evokes an ease of wisdom and pride that says “I'm here, this is me, and you can take it or leave it.” I'm rambling now, but at the end of the day my line exists to celebrate women, and through that celebration we can learn to accept one another and hopefully ourselves as well.

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